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Courses in IGO Awareness 


You start therapy with your go-to techniques. And your clients progress… for a while.


We all know progress isn't linear… and even the best therapists' strengths are tested by tough cases.

When you're lost in the weeds knowing how to use a goal-oriented, practical, and time-limited framework can make all the difference between client dropouts and success stories.


IGO therapy is currently being developed and studied with the potential to bring breakthrough outcomes while supporting other modalities.  Working with the IGO provides a powerful versatile framework to keep therapy on track with diverse problems like depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, addiction, personality disorders, and more.

This IGO Certification course (available for enrollment soon) will equip you with the most practical tools and easy adaptable strategies you can use to help your clients develop healthier coping skills, challenge negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors, and foster lasting positive change. PLUS, you learn through real-client demonstrations, one-on-one expert consultations with tailored guidance, and more!

Enroll today and immerse yourself in…

  • Real-world practice that brings how we all conceive of the IGO to life through practical demonstrations, compelling case studies and client demonstrations

  • Resources you can use for your entire career — printable dialogues, worksheets, charts, graphs, and ideas for homework assignments that work

  • Over 2 hours of live intensive practice in a virtual environment with instant feedback

  • A truly personalized journey with expert consultant guidance specific to your unique preferences

  • You will be invited to interact with the developer of the IGO concept and therapy Dr. Mike Ratner!

Refine your skill set, enhance rapport and expand your clinical expertise with IGO therapies that can holistically improve the lives of your clients — reboot your life as an IGO Certified Clinician* now!

Launch Special

IGO Therapy (Technician) Certification Course

$1,776.95  Value

Register Today $999.00 — Incredible Savings!

(get on our wait list!)



Become Certified! Buy now to get more:

  • On-Demand Training with the world's-renowned IGO experts — Learn at your own pace (includes the educational hours needed for certification!) and join our exclusive peer forum!

  • 2 Case Consultation sessions with your choice of an IGO expert — at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you!

  • Free Bonus CE Sessions — Learn more and get credit as you need it!

*Professional Standards Apply. See full certification details below. (coming soon)

Change your practice, change your life...

Claim your spot in this groundbreaking course and unleash the power of IGO Therapy to accelerate treatment outcomes and get the transformative results your clients desperately need.

Plus, when you complete this training and both of the one-on-one consultations, you’re eligible to become an World Accredited Certified  IGO Technician Clinician (IGO-TC) and add a valuable credential to your resume.


Building the Foundation Enhancing the IGO

  • How to engage even the most challenging clients starting in session 1, including court-mandated clients and oppositional teens

  • A handy roadmap you can follow to confidently say you understand your client’s biggest concerns… and what to do next

  • 4 shockingly simple steps to make sure your clients never "forget" their homework

  • FREE Access to the "Gold Standard" tool to assess your level of IGO proficiency — an easy tool to measure your growth and success


IGO Therapy for Depression or Anger

  • The 4 creative techniques you can use to unearth your client’s automatic thoughts, even if they’re struggling to identify the thoughts themselves

  • The hidden root of your client’s anger… and 6 simple steps to help them cope effectively

  • Why you should never START by asking for the evidence for their automatic thought (and what to do instead)

  • How some therapists unconsciously make IGO access less effective for their clients (and the one reframe that instantly flips this problem on its head)


Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts, and other Self-Harm Scenarios

  • The newest directions in IGO research… including virtual reality, mindfulness, ACT, CBT, NLP and more

  • How the "Risk-_______ Ratio" helps clients so dangerous/anxiety-provoking situations feel less threatening

  • Why Dr. Ratner recommends using "anti-suicide contracts" rather than outdated, ineffective safety contracts

  • The most common "suicidogenic" beliefs clients have (and how to combat them to help keep your clients safe)

  • Why using reflective delays can help clients stop impulsive, manic behaviors before they cause problems


Trauma, Substance Use Concerns, and Personality Disorders

  • How to adapt therapy to best help your clients after trauma… whether they’re "just going through the motions" or actively dissociating in session

  • When intervening after trauma can actually be MORE harmful to clients (and when the research says it’s best to jump in and do the work together)

  • Get tools for the "parking lot" analogy (a reference tool you’ll use throughout your career) for one of the biggest challenges for every personality disorder in one simple diagram

  • How you can frame the use (imagining) IGO to help clients cope with substance use urges and relapses (and how to use it with clients with other impulse control issues)

By participating in the course you actually will be doing fieldwork and giving our team feedback helping to inform the IGO therapy community with best practice experiences and case-study results that we will publish in 2024!

Join us - get on the waiting list today!  Great things are ahead with the breakthrough approach - be a co-founder!

Explore Our Enrollment Plans

Two Different Levels of Expertise to Consider. We are available to help you decide the best one!

  • Technician

    Every month
    1st level of certification through the IGO Institute. This level demonstrates basic competency
    Valid for 12 months
    • Online support, including rotating monthly features
    • Discounts on all workshops and virtual on-demand courses
    • Access to exclusive webinars and other online content


    Second tier certification is a group-study program. Enrollment is open upon completion of level 1.
    • Your listing in the IGO Certified Clinician Directory
    • Private Invitations to insider IGO Institute events
    • Access to exclusive webinars and other online content
    • IGO Institute Certified Seal you can officially display
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