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IGOTM THERAPY (current research focus)

Identity Issues

Sometimes people find themselves feeling uncertain about multiple issues related to identity, such as long-term career goals, career choice, friendship patterns, sexual orientation and behavior, moral values, and group loyalties.

Signs of Identity Issues:

  • Confusion about part(s) of your personal or group identities

  • Discontentment about career choices and interpersonal relationships

  • Decreased motivation and increased apathy about school, work, or life in general

  • Feeling overly anxious about long-term career goals, friendships, or other interpersonal relationships

  • Feeling a lack of belonging among your peers, family, and/or co-workers

  • Experiencing a sense of hopelessness about the future

  • Feeling depressed, which can include feelings of sadness and changes in your appetite, mood, ability to concentrate, and interest in activities that were once pleasurable

Things You Can Do:

  • Work on increasing your self-awareness by identifying your likes, dislikes, values, the many roles you play (with family and friends), positive and negative past experiences that have impacted how you currently think/feel about yourself, strengths, and growth edges.

  • Identify how you feel (e.g., frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, confused, angry, etc.) and acknowledge those feelings, accepting that it is okay to have these feelings.

  • Treat yourself as you would a friend.

  • Seek out support from friends, family, or organizations that would contribute to increased learning about parts of yourself or interests you are curious about.

  • Seek support from a mental health counselor or peer, especially if your identity concerns center around your career/major choice.

  • Seek support from our IGO Lab Coaching Center. Our clinicians are currently conducting research into this area and are highly trained to provide you with information on our work and can offer support, guidance, and tools to help you become the best you can be.

  • Remember that life is not only about finding yourself, but also about creating yourself. Seek out resources and opportunities to help you explore the many options you have.

We can talk with you about your concerns. You may also learn more by checking our other links, or requesting a qualification online screening.

We DO NOT Offer Psychological Diagnosis or Crisis Intervention Services

If you or another person you know is experiencing suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts or experiencing trauma please seek emergency help locally or TEXT or DIAL 988 immediately 

For additional resources and those seeking help services outside of the USA you can click here

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