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Meet Your IGO
Selfie of the Mind


A paradigm shift in social consciousness is about to occur.  Exploring deep levels of contemplation, psychology and sociology 

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Multiple Project Possibilities

Game Changing Potential

Specimen Cover Example Only

Proposing book one introduction with follow-up focused themes to entice broader readership & buzz!

IGO is a new concept never before clearly defined nor explored. It has a game changing effect once considered and could be the next revolutionary paradigm shift in psychology and common culture as was Freud's psychoanalysis of the Ego, ID and SuperEgo.  Imagine it!

With the Right IGO Pitch and Top Agent
- A lot Great Far-out Stuff Can Happen - 


Book Proposal Components 

This is a work in progress, the concept is sound and my references are triple checked.  Just tell me what you need and I'll get it ready.

IGO is a gamechanger and all the components are here for creating it


Sample Chapters & Explainer Pages

IGO is a concept whose time has come.  Presented here-within is an explainer chapter outline and sample writings including TOC.

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Self Help Book Market Stats, etc

The self-improvement market is expected to rise to $14.0 billion by 2025.  Estimates of self-help books sold annually put the number at around 10 million.  How many mill will IGO sell? 

Envisioning IGO as a quantum bestseller

IGO will be on everyone's mind because it is already IN IT!  This is a groundbreaking concept. It will capture the imagination of everyone who considers it.

About ME includes links to other sites

This is an invitation to meet me and find out what's been going on in my IGO.  I have an interest in many areas and have worked with a number of celebrity types.

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Academic writing about the IGO with references is found at

Self-Help Gurus, etc

The Curious

Major News Networks
Social Media, Guru Influencers
Buzz Sites, Conferences, etc
YouTube, Facebook, Insta,  etc


Word of Mouth


IGO Promotion Dynamo:  Pushed by Creatives, Pros and Mass Influencers

Yes, folks there is a future paradigm shift happening!  Have you checked in with your IGO today?  Can you see everybody talking about it -- what is it?  Its your IGO>>>>

Integrated PR Planning

Media & PR
File Sharing

Courses and lecture series coming soon

What Others Have to Say

Dr. Ratner's ideas have been remarkable shifts for myself and countless others who have encountered his insight.
Mike's IGO idea is one of his best yet, the world better get ready for what is coming next

Connie Harris,
Bay Area Artist

"A positive state of mind is not merely good for you, it benefits everyone with whom you come into contact, literally changing the world."
- Dalai Lama

“We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves.”


Performer & Top Entertainer

So many places to bring and adopt IGO into being worldwide


Get Ready to Buildout an IGO Help Empire: Helping others to Maximize Their Lives 

IGO Enterprise

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